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    Welcome to Quttera's Threat Encyclopedia.
    You can browse the Threat Encyclopedia below on malware categories or threat names for more details.

    Malware or Malicious Software is a general term for a piece of software that is harmful to a system or a device. Malware can be a virus, trojan (backdoor, rootkit, spyware, adware, ransomware, phishing, SPAM, potentially unwanted application, crypto-mining, crypto-jacking), worm, and many others.

    Website Malware
    Website Malware is a malicious software or code that infects a website to harm the website owner and visitors or exploit the website for malicious purposes. Malware can take various forms and can be introduced to a website through vulnerabilities or security weaknesses. Website malware specifically targets and infects websites. It is designed to exploit vulnerabilities in a website's code, database, or server infrastructure. Website malware often aims to gain unauthorized access, steal data, redirect visitors to malicious sites, or carry out other malicious activities directly or indirectly on the compromised website.

    At a high level, we classify malware into the following categories:

    • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) injection
    • Obfuscated JavaScript injection
    • SPAM injection or SEO SPAM
    • Phishing
    • Malicious Code injection
    • Malicious iframes
    • Malicious redirects
    • Defacement
    • Drive-by downloads
    • Trojans
    • Backdoors
    • Worms

    At a more detailed level, they can be further subdivided into multiple subcategories.

    • Heur.JS.Eval
    • Heur.JS.iframe
    • Heur.JS.String
    • Heur.JS.DropFile
    • Heur.JS.Charcode
    • Heur.HTML.Link
    • Heur.HTML.Defacement
    • Heur.JS.Hexa
    • Heur.PHP.Injection
    • Heur.PHP.Base64
    • Heur.HTML.Spam
    • Heur.JS.Redirect
    • Trojan.ASP
    • Trojan.HTML.Iframe
    • Trojan.PHP.Iframe
    • Trojan.PHP.Obfus
    • Trojan.PHP.Eval
    • Trojan.HTML.Hidden
    • Trojan.HTML.Injection
    • Backdoor.ASP
    • Backdoor.PHP.Rev
    • Backdoor.PHP.Eval

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